What should you know before buying a golf rangefinder?


All golf players face the problem of spending a large amount of time estimating the distance to the next flagstick. It does not matter if you are a professional or you just enjoy playing golf in your free time, a golf rangefinder can help you in this aspect, and make playing golf a lot easier and it will make it more fun. What a rangefinder does is measure the distance between you and a certain target, this way the distance between the golf player and the flagstick can be determined fast and with ease. If you are interested in purchasing such a device, visit site and find out more information about golf rangefinders. If you have made the decision to buy a device, there are a few guidelines you should keep in mind beforehand.

The size and build quality

How a golf rangefinder is built is very important, in order for you to use it without difficulties. Being too small can be unfortunate for those who feel the need to keep both hands on the device, to keep it still, also being too small may prevent the player from reading the measurements right. On the other hand, a rangefinder that is too big will also be inconvenient to use; it is important for it not to be heavy, this way one can carry it around with more ease. Another factor you should look for is the materials from which the device is built, you need to make sure they are qualitative in order to be intact for as long as possible, even under bad weather.


What the slope does is measure a change in elevation that is produced between your target and you and it will also provide you the estimation of the shot’s distance. When deciding if you want to buy a rangefinder that has this feature you have to be aware of the fact that this kind of function is prohibited during an official competition. The rules forbid you of using it. However, if you want to use it at a simple golf match between friends, then you should take it into consideration, it may help you win.

Other features

When searching the best rangefinder for you, there are other details to be concerned about too. If the golf rangefinder you bought is not accurate, for at least a couple of yards, then it has a problem and you should consider returning it. As a beginner you have to keep that in mind, and not buy something that is broken. The magnification is another important aspect, a higher magnification is considered to be better and more useful in the game, helping you  hit the target with more ease. You do not need to look at the minimum distance of a rangefinder, because it is not such an important feature; when the target is close enough you do not need to use the golf rangefinder to make a good shot. So take into account all these aspects, and buy yourself a good golf rangefinder.