What is the Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunctions?

Regarding erectile dysfunctions, one thing is certain, the fact of not having or maintaining an erection can have a devastating effect on your sex life and your happiness. This can also make your partner feel insecure and lower your self esteem. Obviously, these issues can not  lead to a happy and rewarding relationship. If you find it difficult to have or maintain an erection, keep in mind that there are efficient treatments you may be offered.


This is the most popular treatment among patients suffering from erectile dysfunctions. Each prescription will be chosen by the doctor to conform to the patient’s disorder. Several types of medications are available on the market. They differ in their mode of action, their list of ingredients or contraindications. It is essential to inform yourself about how these types of medication work and what possible side effects or contraindications they may have. Also, your doctor will provide you with any information you need.
Some treatments for erection are prescribed after a health examination.

How medication works

During sexual stimulation, nerve signals are sent from the brain to the penis. The blood vessels expand to let blood flow into the corpus cavernosum( (cavernous body of the penis), resulting in hardening of the penis.
Inhibitor drugs are effective when the disorder is at the level of the penis. They work by blocking an enzyme (phosphodiesterase type 5) present in some erectile dysfunctions. This enzyme prevents the relaxation of blood vessels and thus slows the inflow of blood into the corpora cavernosa.

Other treatments for erectile dysfunctions

If you want to resort to other type of treatment, it is possible to consider other alternatives depending on the nature of your erectile disorder.

  • Injections:
    Little painful injections in the penis can be practiced by the patient himself just before intercourse. This treatment requires learning the method from the physician.
  • Vacuum pump
    This allows the penis to fill with blood, causing an erection. A retaining ring is then slid to the base of the penis so to maintain it. The vacuum pump (sometimes called penis pump) should be used just before intercourse, the erection is obtained in minutes. The compression ring can stay in place for up to 30 minutes.
  • Taking hormones
    This is rare, but some men may receive a prescription for hormone therapy from their specialist in order to treat their erection problem.
  • Surgery
    It is generally recommended when other treatments have not yielded satisfactory results, or are not suitable. This most often consists in the introduction of penile prostheses or implants inserted in each corpus cavernosum. There are different types, semi-rigid or inflatable. Arterial surgery is only offered in exceptional cases (mainly trauma in young patients).