Three ways swimming helps your body and mind

When thinking about losing weight or staying in shape, most people imagine that fitness is the fastest and most effective solution, but there are plenty of others ways of losing calories. Swimming is fun and done regularly it can provide more long term benefits than fitness, spinning, aerobics and other forms of exercises. Below are just three of the reasons why this will benefit you.

Swimming burns calories and tones your muscles


Swimming is one of the most complex and complete forms of exercise. Even as little as ten minutes spent swimming works all your muscle groups and, with regular sessions, you will notice that you have a strong, lean, toned and muscular body. Depending on how you swim, you can also lose up to 600 calories per hour, which is slightly more than the number of calories you would spend by cycling. The difference is that cycling works only the lower half, whereas swimming gives you complete results, helping you stay in shape and have fun at the same time.


It’s not exhausting


Swimming is proof of the fact that a physical exercise doesn’t need to cause you pain in order to work. In fact, compared to other exercise types, swimming is quite relaxing. You won’t feel as exhausted after finishing as after doing push-ups or squats, which is probably one of the reasons why people who take up swimming do it for a lifetime. Even children and elderly people are encouraged to swim as much as possible, because this activity doesn’t have an age limit and doesn’t require prior fitness experience. Patients with conditions such as arthritis and even heart disease are encouraged to do light swimming, because it keeps them active without increasing the risk of strokes or injury. People in their late 70s and 80s even reveal that swimming is the secret to their longevity, which shows that you can get a lot of health benefits from this activity.


It helps you relax


In addition to helping you lose weight and tone your muscles, swimming also has great benefits for your mind. If you often experience fatigue, anxiety or stress as a result of a hectic lifestyle, taking a few minutes to swim every day will help you get rid of these symptoms. You can also socialize and unwind after a hard day at work.