Summer 2015 Hair Color Ideas

Whether it is just a desire to change or hide your white hair, coloring allows you to adopt the look you want. The hair color palette is so varied, so you will definitely manage to find one that suits you. If you want to change your color but don’t know  what trends are in for this 2015, we give you all the tips you need.

The eternal blond trend

The blond color remains the major trend. However, this summer it comes in very natural tones, golden, beige colors that refer to childhood innocence. The message is no longer “I look more mature now” but “I accept myself as I am” The trend also develops in parallel for the most daring of us: the peroxide blonde, iridescent or even slightly pink, with visible roots. This season you can choose from soft, bright and sandy hair colors. These colors brings light to the face, in short, is a beauty product all by itself!  The golden blonde is a bright and feminine color which makes you shine no matter where you go. This effect is obtained by the technique of alternating between different shades of blond. It illuminates and softens facial features, and is suitable for all women.

The sophisticated brunette

This summer natural hair colors, such as chocolate, chestnut brown, golden brown are starting to gain popularity. Eva Green is a good example of a classy brunette. However, mahogany or purple reflections are outdated.  All in all, your natural color is the one that remains in harmony with your personality, your skin type and the color of your eyes. Also, if you feel it’s time for a change you can always try to opt for a lighter or darker shade of brown.

The bold redhead

If you choose a darker red than your natural hair color, temporary hair coloring is a good option. It will let you test them before you commit to the desired shade because with this type of coloring, you can gradually progress to the color of your dreams.
Fancy a flamboyant red grenadine, warm caramel brown, deep brown or black cherry red with purple hues? Before making your choice, you should consider your natural hair color and skin tone. The reddish-blond and coppery shades are suitable for fair-skinned blondes. If you have dark blond or light brown hair and light medium complexion, there is the cold type and hot type. Cool shades like red cherry, burgundy go well with bluish-pink or olive complexions. The warm shades such as red and golden coppery red flatter yellow hues, peach or golden. If you have brown to medium brown hair and a dark complexion, go for intense shades of red and mahogany tones. The dark cherry red and black red go well on women with black hair and dark skin.