Proper places where you can metal detect

If you are a beginner in metal detecting, you should know that the first step you have to make is selecting the right metal detector for you. It is recommended to do some research on the internet, because there are numerous websites where you can read some useful reviews and learn more about these devices. If you want to make sure you choose the right metal detector for you, you should start your research with websites. After purchasing your first detector, you should learn more about the places where you can actually metal detect, so here are some useful details.

The beach

One of the best places for metal detecting is the beach. The reason is quite simple: many people who come to the beach lose or forget coins, jewelries, or other valuable items on the beach, which makes the place perfect for treasure hunting. It is important to remember that in order to use the metal detector in such places, you have to choose the proper one. You can find on the market detectors that can be used only on the ground and other detectors that can be used in shallow water as well. Make sure you select the right one. Experts recommend thinking outside the box the moment you decide to go treasure hunting on the beach. You should choose the proper time for this, such as after a large storm, or go somewhere where there have been large crowds, because the chances to find something valuable there significantly increase this way.

High activity areas

Other places perfect for metal detecting are those with high activity, as it is the case of parks, fairgrounds, schools or even sports fields. Think about potential places where these items can be lost. You can search in areas where people usually go for a picnic for instance, or the baseball outfield. You will be surprised to find how many coins people can lose in such areas, not to mention other more valuable items such as jewelries.

Old ground

These areas are perfect for finding relics or silver coins. You can go to an old park or an old property, since you can find here some unique treasures. Make sure you have permission to enter these properties in case they are not yours. If you want, you can go even further and look for some images of old maps on Google. However, when doing this, you have to keep in mind the laws and regulations of those places and be respectful of those private properties. If you go in the woods, you can search in places with depressed ground, because those places might have been cellars, or the foundation of an old house and you can find plenty of valuable items there.

As you can see, these are some of the most common places for treasure hunting. Nevertheless, you should not resort only to these ones. Do some research online and look for other interesting locations that would be perfect for metal detecting.