Elegant Nail Design Ideas

Elegance will always mean attention to details and when it comes to manicure, any detail is important if you want to have beautiful nails. Furthermore, a layer of nail polish or a delicate painting on your nails will help you achieve the perfect manicure.

Tips for an elegant manicure

An elegant manicure means having clean and neat nails that will make a good impression once you reach out your hand. Make sure your nails are always neat, that the cuticles look cared for and that the nails are perfectly filed so that you will not scratch your skin or clothes. A complete care treatment will help you get rid of yellow spots on your nails and will solve the shredding problem of fragile nails. The length of the nails is also very important and you should avoid long and sharp nails when you go to work or deep red nail polish for a daily outfit.

Less is more

Many women see elegance as simplicity and prefer to maintain the natural aspect of their nails and they choose to only wear a layer of transparent nail polish. If you are more into the natural look, you can choose to apply a colorless nail polish or a light pink one that resembles the look of your nail.

A simple, but elegant, french manicure

French manicure is also a favorite of those who want to have natural nails instead of colorful ones. The french manicure means you color the tip of the nail with white nail polish then you apply a layer of transparent or light beige nail polish on top of the white tip. This nail design is a very elegant one and it is suitable for daily looks or even an evening outfit.

Light colored nail polish

If you prefer a more colorful nail design, but you still want to maintain an elegant aspect of your nails, you should go for light shades of nail polish, in colors like peach, ivory, cream, beige, pink or almond. However, if you yearn for a touch of color, you can paint one of your nails in a strong color and you will get a modern and elegant result.

Painted nails

Paintings and patterns on the nails is a nail design trend that satisfies many tastes, being a combination of color and drawings that decorate the nails. You can opt for flowers, dots, lines and gradient layers of colors on every nail or you can just choose a drawing for one nail. Also, applying pearls on your nails is a great idea of an elegant manicure, as well as choosing a metallic nail polish like gold or silver to denote refinement and class.