Chic Humidifier Designs

During winter, we start the heating and close our windows, which often dries the air and makes it unhealthy. This can cause an irritated skin and dry eyes, but can also cause serious problems by making your family more vulnerable to diseases. Buying a humidifier helps improve air quality and makes your home more comfortable and healthy. Also, an humidifier can improve the decor in your house. Here’s how to achieve that.

Types of air humidifiers

There are a multitude of humidifiers on the market, which makes it particularly difficult. Humidifiers can be classified into four categories:

  • Cool mist humidifier: This is the most common model. It is recommended for families with children because it does not release hot steam, which limits the risk of burns. If you opt for a cool mist humidifier, it is important not to let water stagnate when the unit is not in use, otherwise bacteria develop, which will then diffuse into the air. This type of humidifier is very nice because it adds a fresh touch to the room without cooling it.
  • Hot steam humidifier: the humidifier carries water to a boil and diffuse into the room, which is especially valuable in winter. It should nevertheless be careful, because this type of humidifier can present a danger to young children.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier: It requires little maintenance and is particularly quiet.
  • Humidifier and air purifier: this humidifier is the most complete because it filters the air before releasing it.

Chic humidifier that blend with your interior decor

  1. Oskar Humidifier ($149.99)

    For optimum performance, the ideal is to place the humidifier in the middle of the room. Do not install it too close to your furniture. Since this humidifier has a genuine design, you can place it prominently in your living room or bedroom.
  2. Middle Colors Humidifier ($119)

    Buying a humidifier helps improve air quality and makes your home more comfortable and healthy. This stylish humidifier has two function: depending on the temperature of your home, it can work as a cool mist or a hot steam humidifier.
  3. Humidifier S (Aroma) ($219)

    The right choice of a humidifier should also be done by taking into account the ambiance of the room. This innovative humidifier has some great features: it offers you a normal level of humidity and provides you with a pleasant smell of the fragrant oil.
  4. Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier ($44.99)

    This humidifier is not only practical and affordable, but it has also a neat and sophisticated design that goes well with all types of interior decor.