Caring for your skin during summer – tips and tricks

During summer, your skin is more likely than ever to get affected by weather conditions. Sun exposure, salty water, sand, sweating and many others are elements you do not have to deal with during other seasons, which is why you should also adjust your care routine. You may want to get bronzed, but this does not come without any strings attached. For this reason, in case you want to keep your complexion healthy and smooth, you need to make some changes in your day to day habits. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Hydration is the key

During the hot season, your skin will get even more dehydrated than usual. Direct exposure to sun, sweating, salty water and also many other elements will make you look more tired and will accentuate the wrinkles. That is why you have to pay special attention to proper hydration. The first step towards this is trying to drink more water, so always keep a small bottle with you, no matter where you are going. In addition to this, purchase some special care products with a greater moisturising effect, to supplement the minerals and liquids you are losing because of the heat. Keeping your skin soft during summer is something crucial, especially if you have dry complexion, but it should be your focus regardless of your skin type. What is actually important is using adequate products to order some of the most qualitative goods in terms of skin care.


  1. Pay attention to your sun screen

Those who have sensitive complexion know the important of wearing sun screen and do this regardless the season. You can get burns both from direct UV exposure or frost, so you should also use a specialised cream all year long. Summer, in particular, is the period when you must invest in qualitative protection lotions. Whether you are going to the beach to get tanned or you are simply walking on the streets, a SPF cream is the one element that should not miss from your bag. Take it with you absolutely everywhere and use it abundantly, even if you are planning to get a tan. It is better to catch a beautiful subtle colour gradually, than get sun burns and scars.


  1. After sun protection is also important

After sun creams are a must during summer, especially in the days you go to the beach. A lot of people mistake this type of lotions with those aimed to protect against sun burns, but you should be aware that they are two different products. Regardless of what type of sunscreen cream you use, you have to keep in mind that summer care does not stop the moment you leave the beach. You need to reduce redness, swelling and even pain, as same as you have to undo the damage caused by excessive exposure to UV rays. These super nourishing products will help you maintain the long term health of your skin without affecting the quality of your tan.